Using the forum + hints for non-german guests

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Using the forum + hints for non-german guests

Beitragvon Martin Coupe » Do 11. Sep 2014, 16:09

Hello International guests,

we would like to give you a short overview and an introduction over this "mostly" german board.

Since we start to recieve more and more international and non-german-speaking guests, we decided to start this "corner" for everyone visiting this forum!

At first we would like to represent ourself, we are the oldest german Hyundai forum/board.
We started this board in 2001 and till now we gathered many user and experts (even Hyundai master mechanics and Hyundai dealer).
Also, we have a very good connection to "Hyundai Motor Germany" (often called "HMD" here).

Now lets switch to the board himself:
We have many threads where you can post in English, or if you try and like, in german (its not mandatory to post or anwser in german here!)

The Markt: An- und Verkauf is our forum-market.
Biete = Something you or someone else want to sell
Suche = Something you or someone else is looking for
Sammelkauf = Group buy for stuff
Important Note: This "service" is provided for the normal user of this site. If you are a vendor or want to sell goods or services as a company, feel free to contact one of the Admins (User with red names)

The Einbau, Umbau, Tuning, Reparatur section includes the following threads:
Daily Schrauber-Talk = Smalltalk around tuning, repair etc.
Interieur = Interieur :)
Exterieur = Exterieur :)
Fahrwerk: Federn, Reifen, Felgen = Wheels, rims, springs, suspensions etc.
Motor und Auspuff = Engine, exhaust
HiFi und Elektronik = Electronical devices, for audio, mobile connections, GPS etc.

In Das Feedback-forum you can post everything about the board.
This also includes:
If you have a problem with the software, your account (problems, delete etc.) or just have suggestion for improvement :)

In our Händlerbereich you can see our official Vendors!
If you want to present your own company and goods here in the forum, contact one of the Admins (User with red names)

After the Showroom you find the Clubs und Treffen section.
Treffen und Veranstaltungen is the thread where everyone can post meetings or events. For example the "Hyundai Club Treffen" ( ) in germany, or maybe "Reisbrennen" in Oschersleben (germany)
Clubs allgemein Here everyone can represent his club, especially if you are looking for new members or just want to represent it to the other user

Next stop: Showroom!
Should be self explained :)
If you dont drive a Hyundai, just post in the Sonstiges (means other) section.

Forward to Hyundai Motorsport
The descriptions of the 4 Threads should be self-explanatory 8-)
This threads are for projects you are doing, like building a car for track etc.
This thread contains information about our wiki. It can be reached by
If you want to help the wiki to fill it with content, just post in the Wiki User / wiki help thread.
We are currently working on additional languages in our wiki! (US-eng etc.)

Last but not least:
Talk and Community
The first part is Smalltalk. As the name said, everything not related to Hyundai/Kia (or just spam, post funny stuff) can be done here.

The last part before we come to the end of the internet is Hi i am new here (translated).
Here you can represent yourself and "meet and greet" new users.

I hope this "small" guideline helped you much, and we really want to welcome you to our forum!
If you have questions, dont be shy, feel free to ask!

With best regards
Martin Coupe
(This text will checked for misspelling later :) )
Martin Coupe
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